Composition is an essential part of photography. It is, for me, the most artistic dimension of a snapshot, a bit like painting. This week's challenge is about composition and framing.


Every week I will propose a new challenge, it is a subject that you will have to capture in a photograph and upload it to the Facebook page of the blog, putting in the description the key word that I will indicate for each topic. The themes will be varied, from portraits to Macro photography, through landscapes, black and white photography, or babies. The topics will be proposed on Saturdays, so that you have all the weekend to work them. You will have the deadline to upload your photo one week (one photo per participant), until Friday of the following week. On Friday or Saturday I will update the article with the photo that has captivated me the most and I will propose a new theme, and so on ...


Although every photograph in itself constitutes an own framing (the one that marks the edges of the photo), the natural framing, also called natural framing, consists in making the photo contain a framing in its interior formed by natural elements, or so less elements outside the photographer, and acting as a framework surrounding the main subject or landscape that we are photographing. We can get a natural framing by photographing from inside a cave, taking advantage of the door of the wall of a fortress, looking for an appropriate angle behind the branches of a tree, or even taking advantage of the frame of a beautiful window.
Natural framing between leaves
This week I challenge you to put this composition technique into practice in a photograph and share it with us. As usual, to participate in this week's challenge, upload your photo to the Facebook wall of the Photographer's Blog : In the description of the photo please mention the keyword “Challenge Framing”  followed by a title of your choice.


For those who are not from Facebook I have enabled new social networks to participate.
  • Flickr: accessing the Group Mural of the Photographer's Blog and uploading the photo directly. Give your photo a title and be sure to mention "Challenge Framing" in it.
  • Twitter: uploading the photo directly to Twitter with the hashtag #RetoEncuadreBDF
Thanks for participating.


The purpose of the "updates" is none other than to accompany the article of each challenge with a representative sample of what the readers of the blog have been photographing and uploading throughout the week. We have loved this week's work, you have shown that you can use anything framing, even a camera This week my vote goes to Ali's "Nostalgia." A photo with a magnificent execution of the technique of natural framing and never better. The composition of the photograph is very accurate in my view. A central warm spot that inevitably attracts the attention of the viewer, first surrounded by a halo of light that helps focus attention in the center. The trunks, in addition to recreating that natural (natural) framing, serve as a vignetting effect. When looking at the photograph, your eyes instinctively flee from the chaos, collapse and darkness that surround the edges of the photograph, and direct without you deciding to the center of the photograph, towards what you have to observe. A great photo Congratulations Ali.
Ali Sther - Nostalgia
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