Photo Editing In Minutes

Ah yes, the art of editing. An essential skill required for all sorts of photography be it commercial photography or fashion photography. The true flare of a raw photo can only be revealed when it is given the proper editing. A photo without editing is like an amazing wedding without any food, sure the reception and the formalities would seem marvelous, but there will be that subtle longing within that "it could have been better." Well, today there are many applications available in the android phone which let you do some of the very basic fun editings. However, it won't bring you any desirable results.

Where do I begin?

Well if you have already got your hands into places such as editorial photography, you might already be familiar with the software "Adobe Lightroom." So what to do if you have several clients wanting their shots done and ready and your photo studio is just being flooded? You open Adobe Lightroom go to "Edit" then the "presets" menu, and buy yourself a sweet pack of presets and choose whichever you want and in a matter of clicks you will be editing those pictures like a pro in a matter of minutes saving you a large magnitude of time, and your clients shall be satisfied no doubt.

But I am only a beginner.

Okay, Mr./Ms. Beginner, we've got you covered as well. If you are only getting started with the establishment of your photography website, here's a tip: use only your phone to take the shots in the first place and thereon you can use any app from the plethora of apps available for quick photo editing from either the "Play Store" or the "App Store". That will surely get your page going with a good and regular amount of uploads, and it will also save you time for you to learn more on the art of photography.

For the professionals.

Now say you are the part of a company or the owner of a company or a digital photography school that have orders in the number of thousands and lakhs, what do you tell your staff if you are facing a time shortage? Well, we have got just the tip for you. It is clear that the goto software such professionals use is "Adobe Photoshop," for which the first tip is to use is:
  • Become best of friends with internal keyboard shortcuts: yes this may seem obvious, but it is essential regardless, using shortcuts at times when you are using the lasso tool or the pen tool or if you are working with multiple layers, keyboard shortcuts can be a real blessing for someone looking to save time.
  • Use the "Action Tab": The Action tab can be of great help when you are performing small repetitive tasks and can be more easily maneuvered if you drag and drop it to the side of the panels which contain the layers which you are  working with therefore it will give you a more fluid feel while you are working with Photoshop. You can also create your custom action commands, and thus you can tailor make the shortcuts to your suite.
Adobe Photoshop is another marvelous software which is being used by the professionals across the globe. It is paid however it comes with a 30-day trial so that you get your hands on it perfectly before buying it.

You are making your computer work faster.

Another reason why your photos might be taking a whole lot of time to export or to edit in software such as Lightroom or Photoshop might be because of the performance of your machine, you need to have sufficient amount of ram on your computer which can manage the memory these applications occupy efficiently and can give your workflow a huge boost. There is a way of knowing if your computer is managing your software efficiently too. In Photoshop and the bottom left corner there is a drop up menu which indicates the "efficiency" if the indicated efficiency is below 100% your app is bound to lag in some areas which will cost you your valuable time, therefore on noting such indications you can promptly get a hardware update and give your computer the boost it needs. We hope these tips were of benefit to you. Indeed time is, in the end, the most important resource, and it needs to be utilized in the best of ways, and these were some of the ways how you could level up your editing game.

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