Photographic Film

When we first hear the word ‘photographic film,' all that comes in our mind is a man dipping a picture in a chemical using tongs and then hanging it up on the rope with the help of some clips. Even though we aren’t professional photographers, photography camera, smiling for a picture and getting a shoot in the photo studio has always been a part of our lives since childhood. In short, we’re surviving around photography without even realizing what a big part it has in our lives. From participating in school clubs to taking pictures of your friends who like to model, photography skills develop by practice and practice. Taking photography classes also provides help, but one needs to be anxious enough to discover new tricks and techniques to capture the moment. And so the most crucial part of learning that is to own a camera. Now you don't need an expensive camera that you'll buy from your savings, but a small, not so expensive camera can be used to learn basic tricks before you move on to professionalism. Once you practice how to take normal shots, you can then try your hand on aerial photography, headshot photography and other complex shots that require practice. Many parents often face the dilemma of choosing photography as their children's career, but the reality is that the scope of photography as a career is immense. One can start by working under someone, to improve their photography and business skills, and to know what their customer likes. Once they feel confident enough, opening their studio is a good idea. Another important thing are to identify your interest. What are you most attached to and what brings out your best. This is very necessary to find out what you want to expertise on. Here are some of the types one can work on:

  1. Abstract photography: as the name says, abstract means something you can touch, but feel. And bringing that on the screen is called abstract photography.
  2. Adventure photography: capturing the adventurous moments from the mountains to the seas.
  3. Event photography: from baby showers to weddings, to inaugural functions, event photography, has a wild scope.
  4. Cityscape photography: usage of different techniques to capture the city view.
  5. Fashion photography: shooting the models, to working in tv channels and attending fashion shows, something that will never face a downfall. Fashion photography is interesting and also one of the highest paid.
  6. Wedding photography: Also, one of the highest paid in the field of photography. One needs to capture every moment of the wedding, along with videographers. Also, something that will never face a downfall.
And many more… In today's world where people are using digital cameras, the concept of photographic films is coming back. The very famous, in trend, and popular amongst teens is the Polaroid camera. The photographic film is covered in light-sensitive grains and chemicals that help in developing the picture. And this was the same way how it was done back in the eighteen hundreds. Polaroid is seen everywhere and is a quick way to get a picture in hand. Taking pictures in phones, using the inbuilt camera is quick but somehow degrading the spirit of how photography was done in the old times. The first image we have taken by a camera dates back to the 1820s. Back then it required 8 hours to several days for a photo to be exposed in a camera before a moderately clear picture was obtained. Electronic Digital cameras were introduced in the 1990s when taking pictures became easy and was done by everyone. This changed the old ways of taking pictures, and the scope of photography was broadened to a larger audience. Social media also plays a major role in developing photography in the modern world. With different filters and techniques used by Snapchat for taking selfies or Instagram for taking boomerangs have targeted the lives of the young audience. Photography is also about capturing what others cannot see. There is a huge number of photographers out in the world struggling to present something out of the box. But like every other medium of expression, photography is an art, which may not be understood by everyone. A skill that can make you better than the others is to be yourself. Following trends is good, but don't let the trends set boundaries for you. After all, a good photographer sees what others can’t and have the talent to present it to others.

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