Powerful depth of field calculator with bokeh simulation

Depth of field calculators (depths of sharply depicted space) is one of the most popular types of software designed to provide the photographer with specific information about the shooting parameters and to facilitate obtaining high-quality images. There are a lot of different implementations of the IPIG calculators on the Internet, but the one created by the Polish photographer and programmer Michael Bemowski is without a doubt one of the best.

The Bemowski calculator has many settings, adjustable parameters, fixed presets and saved configurations. He not only calculates the parameters in numerical form, but also visualizes the results in a visual form.

First of all, you can set specific shooting parameters – the focal length of the lens and the size of the matrix, aperture, distance to the subject and the background. By the way, these same object and background are also customizable – they are selected from several proposed options.

As you play with the shooting parameters, the visualization (the image in the window on the right) fulfills all the changes made in real time.

Even background blur (bokeh) is simulated, the degree of this blur corresponds to the parameters entered (and calculated) at the moment.

At the bottom of the page is the depth of field calculator itself, which calculates the location and depth of field of sharpness and presents the results in a visual way.

If you accessed the site from a mobile phone, clicking the button in the upper left corner will change the interface to the “mobile” option. The application does not require communication with the server for work, so the author offers an offline version, which you can download to your computer. The whole project is completely free, based on advertising and donations.

In our opinion, the calculator has not only (and not so much) serious practical value, but, first of all, educational. We recommend novice photographers to play thoughtfully with the settings, or maybe return more than once to this lesson, in order to better understand and feel what lens should be taken, which aperture should be set, whether to approach the object closer or further – to get the desired result, as with depth of field and bokeh, and the ratio of the scale of the object and the background.

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