Samyang AF 35mm f / 1.4 FE: lens test


35 millimeters is one of my favorite focal lengths when it comes to full-frame cameras, and I'm not alone in this. Such optics have long shared leadership with the "fifty dollars." Perhaps that is why the Korean manufacturer Samyang was one of the first to launch the Sony 35 AF fmm 1.4 f / 1.4 FE. This autofocus lens will be the main character of our test. Price Samyang AF 35mm f / 1.4 FE We will try to compare Samyang AF 35mm f / 1.4 FE with the Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T * 35mm f / 1.4 ZA FE (SEL-35F14Z) lens , which we already had in our test. The task is simplified by the fact that both then and now the Sony ILCE-7RM2 camera was paired with the lens. Well, let's get started. The lenses are similar in size (Samyang has a length of 115 mm versus 112 mm for the original colleague) and weight (645 grams for Samyang versus 630 for SEL-35F14Z). And according to the technical characteristics (focal length and aperture) they are very close. But will the image have an almost double difference in cost?
ILCE-7RM2 / SAMYANG AF 35mm F1.4 Settings: ISO 100, F2.8, 1/3200 s, 35.0 mm equiv.Download RAW
Build new Samyang solid. There is no sense of "condos" inherent in the previous line with manual focus. The case is made of metal cooling the hand. The accuracy of the manufacture of trim parts is not inferior to that of branded counterparts. Unless the plastic thread of the filter and the rim of the front lens devoid of inscriptions subtly hint that we have a third-party product in front of us. There is also a characteristic “Koreans” red stripe. Of the minuses, we note easily scratched blackening. The sharp ends of the lens sparkled with aluminum after two weeks of careful operation. Of all the controls on the lens, only the manual focus ring with a very smooth ride. It is electronic, has no mechanical connection with the lenses. Autofocus is turned on / off in the camera menu. What's inside? The optical circuit Samyang AF 35mm f / 1.4 FE has 11 elements in 9 groups. Two aspherical lenses (ASP) and two lenses with a high refractive index (HR) are used. Lenses have a multilayer anti-reflective coating UMC. The diaphragm is nine-petal here, which ensures uniform circular closure of the diaphragm. The minimum focusing distance is 30 cm, the viewing angle at full frame is 65.5 degrees. For autofocus meets the dual linear ultrasonic motor (LSM). The manufacturer promises a quiet, fast and accurate autofocus. Content composed with the free online HTML editor toolkit. Please subscribe for a membership to stop adding links to the edited documents.

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