If you are a lover of adventure and extreme sports and believed that the world began and ended with GoPro cameras , I have good news: it is not true. Fortunately, the GoPro are not the only ones in the risk photography market , but they have a very good competition with the (perhaps unfairly) less known Sony Action Cam

Do you want to know more about them? Let's see then its main characteristics.


As I have already mentioned, they are cameras designed for sports or extreme situations. They are designed to be portable (small and light) and to resist bumps, splashes, water, snow, and almost everything that comes your way.

  • Very light: Weight approx. 90-115 gr. With battery included
  • Approximate size: 8.8cm long x 5.1cm high x 2.45cm wide
  • Backlit 1 / 2.3 ″ ® Type Exmor R® CMOS Sensor from 8.8 to 11.9 MP
  • 2.8mm maximum aperture
  • Lens Type: Carl Zeiss® Tessar® Ultra Wide Angle 170º
  • Shutter speed 1/30 - 1 / 10,000 (30 fps)
  • SteadyShot electronic image stabilization
  • Integrated WIFI
  • GPS


It is no secret who this camera is aimed at, since it is serially baptized with the word action, we can deduce that it is not for macro photography but for almost the opposite.

This camera is aimed at those who enjoy taking photos and / or videos in all those situations in which their SLR camera would never be carried due to its weight, size, or fragility in the face of dust-water-shocks. This camera is for the one who likes super-wide-angle action images , who likes to get into a wave, record a jump in the snow or the legs of your pet underwater. Those who are interested in focusing on the action without worrying about the settings, knowing that the result will be good in 99% of situations (very bright optics) and that they like the aesthetics of these images.

If you meet the above "requirements", these cameras will delight you 


There are several models on the market with different specifications, although always with the same philosophy and basic principles regarding the philosophy of the action cam: low weight, small size, bright optics and ultra-wide ring images.

If you are interested in any of them, you should know that the main differences between models are the specific functionalities. There are them with a very great video quality (4k), specialized in scuba diving, with their specific housings and settings, etc. And of course with a wide range of prices. To give you an idea, let's see above a couple of the models that are currently on the market.


It is the latest model in Sony's Action Cam series designed for high quality video recording (4K Ultra HD)

  • With WI-FI® and GPS
  • Water resistant to 10m with housing (included)
  • Size: 2.4cm wide x 5.2cm high x 8.9cm long
  • Weight: 114gr.
  • Effective Pixels 8.8MP
  • Maximum aperture number f / 2.8
  • SteadyShot image stabilization
  • 4K Ultra HD image quality (4x more detail than Full HD)
  • Remote control to control the camera from the wrist
  • Price (price not available at this time)


    • With WI-FI® and GPS
    • Waterproof up to 60m with the included housing
    • Size: 4.2 x 4.70 x 8.30 cm
    • Effective Pixels 11.1 MP
    • Maximum aperture number f / 2.8
  • SteadyShot image stabilization
  • Full HD 60p image quality
  • Price € 163.00

You can see their full specifications here. 

If you are really interested in these cameras, it is recommended that you take a look at them taking into account the function that you want them to perform mainly, because you cannot simply be guided by the model and / or price since most are designed for specific contexts. If you want it for water sports, scuba diving, recording video or simply taking photos, the same models probably won't work for you or, at least, surely you have a model more adapted to your interests.


  • More competitive price and at the height in benefits of its main competitor; the GoPro
  • Shock and splash resistant body without using the case (included), reducing weight and size even more. Furthermore, dispensing with the case allows us to gain image and audio quality.
  • Housing with universal tripod adapter
  • In its superior models, great image quality and professional results


  • It is no secret that the autonomy (battery) of this type of camera is insufficient . If we consider the very small size of these types of cameras, it is something that most of them have to deal with.
  • Although it has enough accessories and accessories, the truth is that it cannot compete with those of the GoPro. So if you are a fan of the supports and gadgets to place these cameras in the most disparate places, you may miss one.
  • The generic housings, although they have been improving model by model, do not have the resistance of their direct competitors.


If your thing is action photography and you dream of a camera capable of following you underwater, on top of the bike, through the air, snow, mountains and seas, or if you simply are fascinated by its size, weight and the style of its images, If you are also looking for a more than reasonable price and with great image quality, one of these little ones may be the camera you are looking for.

What do you think? Did you know them Isn't it fantastic the competition between brands that allow us to enjoy better products at a lower price every day? I hope this article has been helpful to you, if so please do me a favor and share it so someone else can benefit from it. Thank you very much and see you next time .

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