How do your days begin? Lazing around between the sheets or are you one of those people who hit the boat of bed and start the day with joy? This week I would like there to be a common factor in your awakenings, the camera. Keep reading and I'll tell you ?


Every week I will propose a new challenge , it is a topic that you will have to capture in a photograph and upload it to the Facebook page of the blog, putting in the description the keyword that I will indicate for each topic. The themes will be varied, from portraits to Macro photography, going through landscapes, black and white photography, or babies. The topics will be proposed on Saturdays, so that you have the whole weekend to work on them. You will have one week to upload your photograph (one photo per participant), until Friday of the following week. On Friday or Saturday I will update the article with the photo that has captivated me the most and I will propose a new topic, and so…


Many times we complain about lack of inspiration, laziness overcomes us or we don't know very well what to photograph. What we don't know is that inactivity begets inactivity, so the longer your camera is turned off, the less likely you are to pick it up for no "apparent" reason. This week I propose a double challenge: warm up your engines and capture an important moment in every home.

If you start the day with the camera in hand, surely during the rest of the day you will find more motivation to continue photographing, that's why warming up your engines. Put your camera on the nightstand and as soon as you open your eyes start photographing everything that "smells" of just waking up. You can plan your images like the one on the cover, or capture those moments that occur in many homes, those moments in which families wake up and start their day with the smell of coffee, toast jumping, tie knots, lunch boxes or books in their backpacks. In a hurry or not, with glued sheets or with the tranquility of a good breakfast, almost all families have their morning habits. Photograph yours and with a single image take us to the moment when your home wakes up. The requirement is that your photo gives off a "Good morning in the morning!" without forgetting a good composition, framing, perspective... don't forget that this is a photography blog ;P

I take this opportunity to remind you that you can participate with a single photograph per challenge. Shoot as many times as you want and send us your favorite. Remember that this is also an exercise that any photography lover should control, knowing how to select the best images of it ?

As usual, to participate in this week's challenge upload your photo to the Facebook wallfrom the Photographer's Blog:  In the description of the photo, please mention the keyword “Good Morning Challenge” followed by a title of your choice.


For those of you who are not from Facebook, I have enabled new social networks to participate.

  • Flickr: Accessing the Photographer's Blog Group Wall and uploading the photo directly. Give your photo a caption and be sure to mention “Good Morning Morning Challenge” in it.
  • Twitter: uploading the photo directly to Twitter with the hashtag #RetoBuenosDíasPorLaMañanaBdF

Happy and morning photography.


Hello!! Have you woken up yet? I sure do ? Thank you very much for opening the doors of your homes and showing us your mornings! Here you have a sample of some of them. Come on in!

And after thinking about it and changing my mind more than once (sorry, I'm a person ? ). In the end, I once again look out of Aldara Gómez's window entitled "Good morning world." I like the composition in which, following the rule of three thirds, divides the photo into three clearly identified vertical stripes. One black, one white and a combination of both in the third, as if it were a game. Like the play of light caused by the curtains and the lines of the curtains, the window and the T-shirt. I like it because it suggests, because it shows without teaching. We only see a part of the woman leaning out, which almost certainly has been photographed from someone who is still in bed. Her face is an unknown quantity that calls to the viewer's imagination, just like what she is seeing through the window. He leans out to see what the new day has in store for him, sun, rain, something new on the street, someone downstairs waiting? This photograph is like a nice notebook with the first line written and waiting for the person who receives it to continue the rest of the story. Congratulations Aldar! I wait for you in the next challenge ?

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