I do not know if you have already named that magical moment that precedes sunrise or happens at sunset, but what is certain is that its magic has not gone unnoticed as far as light is concerned. Because, although it seems that the golden hour beats him as far as fame is concerned, he does not do so in beauty. Both are of an attraction that is difficult to resist.

Here I dedicated an exclusive article to both of you that I hope will be of interest to you, but I will also give you a brief summary of the characteristics of the blue hour, which you can then see reflected in the 15 photographs that I propose to you as an inspirational way.


The blue hour is that moment of the day in which the sky turns a deep blue just after sunset or just before dawn, preceding or going just after the golden hour and having a completely different color temperature .

The golden hour, on the other hand, is the moment in which the sun is low on the horizon (either just at sunrise or sunset) and the sky is dyed with warm tones, the light is soft and has a golden hue.

Both take place quickly and last relatively short, so it is worth working with them because they play a lot and the light is wonderful.

Blue hour is tremendously photogenic, especially for photographing cities. It is a moment in which light is still conserved in the sky, the color is a beautiful blue and the lights of the buildings and streets have already been turned on. This creates a very photogenic play of light by the contrast of the warmth of artificial light (which is usually tungsten with a very warm tone) and the light of the sky that at that time is a cold tone.

However, it can be squeezed equally in landscapes or even in portraits, especially looking for the color game it provides.

Now, without further delay and after this little introduction I let you analyze for yourself what you can get in the suggestive and beautiful blue hour, through these wonderful images.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a terrible desire to get one of these beautiful blue hour images. Not to you? I will confess that one of the things I like most about photography is that you can practice it anywhere, at any time, with any light and in any situation. Always, always, you have opportunities to take a good picture, to learn new things, to practice.

I hope you liked this gallery, but above all, that you wanted to take out your camera in search of wonderful images. Oh, and don’t forget to share it to encourage many photographers to practice this beautiful art that unites us . Thank you and see you next time.

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