In photography, as in life itself, there is always something to discuss: Who makes the photos: the camera or the photographer? , Where to invest on your camera or lens? Etc. The discussions are constant, endless and tedious and you know what? As Mario said: "It makes no sense to engage in almost ideological debates, to the death, trying to prove that one or the other opinion is ALWAYS the right one, because it simply is not." The one who makes the difference in photographic art is nobody but you! All the equipment you can buy will only be a means for you to capture the ideas that you have in your head in stunning photographs. Without your ideas, there would be no photos! Therefore, who said that only with the most expensive objectives of the first brands will you get professional results? In today's article I bring you a list of 13 first goals, of "second" brands, so that you have in mind when you get your next goal.


It seems that in the world of photography everything that is not Canon or Nikon belongs to another world, in this case, to the “secondary”. Nothing is further from the truth, in fact there are "third brands" that manufacture objectives of much higher quality than those two giants are capable of doing as are Leica and Carl Seiss. Now, there are a lot of alternative brands (not second) and cheaper with which you can make your best photos . Brands such as Sigma, Tokina or Tamron offer a great quantity and quality of lenses that have nothing to envy the "big brands" and are compatible with most of these. Here is a list of 13 objectives of “alternative” brands sorted according to the type of focal point so that, the next time you see them in a shop window, you have them as an option: Note: If you are starting in this beautiful world of SLR photography or are thinking about doing so, you may feel a little overwhelmed with so many numbers, acronyms and letters. I recommend that you have the following items so that you can reach you best among all her: "Objectives Abbreviations SLRs Most Popular" and "SLR Lenses ... What are they many numbers?" .


1. Samyang 85 mm f1.4 IF MC This 85mm fixed focal lens (approximately 130mm in non-Full Frame cameras) is extremely bright and ideal for you to make stunning portrait s. It is completely manual, that is, you will have to do everything: handle the diaphragm or focus the image will be your pure and exclusive responsibility. You may see it as a disadvantage, but it can also be the opportunity for you to learn to take pictures with 100% responsibility in your hands. Anyway, thanks to its price and quality ratio it has become a very interesting alternative for you to consider: 220 euros in stores and is available for the four most popular manufacturers: Nikon , Canon, Sony and micro 4/3 cameras.
The blur power of the Samyang 85 mm f1.4 IF MC
2. Sigma 50 mm f1.4 DG HSM The quality of the Sigma objectives has stopped being a surprise to become a known reality and this lens is no exception, in fact it is “the king of the objectives” that gives a firm fight to be crowned among the giants. Its main features include construction, sharpness and the incorporation of the HSM focus engine that will allow you to quickly and quietly focus automatically. He is the ideal companion for every photographer who loves portraits You can get one of them for approximately 700 euros in stores and it is available not only for the main brands of SLR cameras ( Nikon , Sony , Canon) but also, if you use evil or 4/3 cameras,  Sigma offers a version for them.
Portrait made with the Sigma 50 mm f1.4 EX DG HSM


3. Sigma 70-300mm DG Macro This objective is ideal if what you like is to photograph nature or if you are a lover of action and sports photography . For its price, it is an ideal option for you to consider. This goal is ideal if you are thinking of acquiring a telephoto lens but do not have much money to do it. In stores you can get one for less than 200 euros. Despite not being internally stabilized, which can undermine the sharpness of your photographs if you dissipate at slow shutter speeds, you can easily solve it with a tripod. Despite not being its strongest point, you can take macro photographs without any problem and with more than surprising results. For Nikon and for Canon .
All the action of the Sigma 70-300 telephoto lens
4. Tamron 7 0-300 mm, f / 4-5.6, Macro, AF. Simple and lightweight construction (for this type of objective) but elegant, this Tamron telephoto lens will leave you with your mouth open if you are willing to give it a try. Despite this, its appearance is impressive and even more so if you put on the sun visor, although it does not have the robustness of its main competitors. With focus motor and stabilizer incorporated in the body you can use it with almost any camera and despite not being a professional lens its performance is excellent in medium focal lengths (200mm) and acceptable at its maximum focal length (300mm). Its excellent quality and price ratio, approximately 120 euros, make this objective a serious competitor for its rivals in this segment. If you don't believe me, take a look at the following picture taken with this objective: For Nikon and for Canon . 5. Tokina AF 50-135 mm f2.8 AT-X 535 PRO DX This objective is not very popular due to its strange focal range, 50-150 mm, which makes it almost an intermediate objective between a lens for portraits, as well as for nature and action. Like all the objectives of the brand, its strong point is construction, in fact, it is so robust that its weight is almost one kilogram. The sharpness that you will be able to achieve with this lens will also leave you speechless. Extremely bright for this type of objectives and with spectacular colors and contrasts make this Tokina an option to take into account, especially for its price: you can get one for about 400 euros.
Capture details with the Tokina AF 50-135 mm lens
6. Tamron SP AF 70-200 mm f2.8 Di LD (IF) Macro This telephoto lens is the living proof of the progress made by the “second” brands with respect to the “main ones”: an excellent alternative at less than half the price of its competitors, about 600 euros. With it, and thanks to its large aperture of diaphragm (f / 2.8) you can take pictures in situations where with other objectives it would be impossible without degrading the quality of the image. Its strengths include its construction, its luminosity, the exceptional quality of its optics and its minimum focusing distance: less than one meter. Ah, do not worry as it is available both for Canon and Nikon as well as for Pentax and Sony.
The speed in your hands.


7. Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DXII The Tokina AF11-16 is one of the best great angles with which you can run into a store. One of its strengths is its robust construction, just like all the objectives offered by the macara. The other great strength is its optics: of great luminosity throughout its route (2.8) it is ideal for use in situations of poor lighting or night landscapes and its sharpness make this objective one of the main options when it comes to getting a wide angle Unfortunately (and something bad should have) is only available for Canon and Nikon cameras , but if you have one of them, you can get one for around 450 euros.
Example of a photo taken with the Tokina AF 11-16 mm f2.8 AT-X 116 PRO lens


8. Walimex pro 8mm f / 3.5 This brand unknown by many, not long ago began to attract the attention of many photographers to be offered in large electronics stores around the world. Robust construction, this wide-angle fisheye is excellent if you want to achieve spectacular effects at low cost: around 250 euros. In fact, it is the cheapest fisheye lens on the market and with the best quality and price ratio. In fact, given its image quality, robustness and impressive photographs (see the example) make this objective a "must have". 9. Tokina 10-17mm f / 3.5-4.5 This objective, the first fisheye with “zoom”, is one of the “fisheye” preferred by photographers in recent times. Despite being more expensive than the lenses with which it competes in its segment (approximately 320 euros) it is an ideal option if you want to carry a reliable fish eye with you in your backpack. This objective is completely automatic or manual according to your preferences, of great construction and of an excellent image quality which, for its price, is not so easy to achieve, even in the big brands.
Landscapes without secrets thanks to Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-4.5


10. Tamron SP AF 17-50mm F / 2.8 XR Di II VC This objective has become one of the main options for those photographers who wish to replace the lens kit that the factory camera brings with something more versatile and professional. This objective will be useful both for social photography, as for landscapes, or why not, thanks to its aperture of diaphragm (f / 2.8 along the entire route) spectacular portraits with an incredible bokeh. Designed for APS-C sensor cameras , it is one of the best options at a very low cost, approximately 380 euros for a semi professional lens. One of its weak points is its construction: light and plastic, which makes it seem not very resistant, although the key is to be careful with it. It is available in stores for Nikon, Canon, Pentax and Sony.
Versatility and quality with Tamron


11. Tamron SP AF 90mm F / 2.8 Di VC USD Macro This excellent fixed focal lens is known as "the objective for macro portraits." Ideal for use in both Full Frame or APS-C cameras , this lens surprises both for its luminosity as well as for its definition and what combined with the built-in image stabilizer, will allow you to perform macrographs even if the light conditions are not ideal . This excellent goal costs almost half of what its Canon or Nikon equivalents cost although it has little to envy them. You can only criticize its plastic construction (common today in all brands) and that the approach is not the fastest although it is very accurate.
The macro photography at your fingertips
12. Tokina AF 100 mm f2.8 AT-X M100 PRO D This spectacular 100mm fixed lens (35mm), more than an alternative is another opponent when choosing your next macro lens. First-line optical construction and quality, its sharpness and minimum focusing distance (30mm), this lens of the Japanese manufacturer is not only excellent for its physical characteristics but also thanks to its price, around 400 euros. One of the few disadvantages it has is that it is only available for Nikon and Canon cameras.
All the details in the palm of your hand.
By the way, not only the "alternative" can be your goals, but also the way to save them. With a little imagination and very little money you can make some covers and protectors even better than the original ones, just with a little creativity! If you don't believe me, take a look at the following article: “Bricofotografía: How to Assemble Homemade Photographic Accessories” and you will see what you are capable of with a little imagination.
Dare to create your own accessories
Beyond the mark of your goals, the key to good durability is care. The more love you treat and care for them, the greater satisfaction they will give you and the greater the time they will go together, they will travel the streets taking pictures. I recommend that you take a look at the article "The Complete Guide: Cleaning Tips for SLR Cameras" to learn how to extend the life of them.
Take care of your goals and they will accompany you all your life.
Thanks for reading this article. It makes me happy to think that you have endured with reading up to this point. Please, if you enjoyed this article, be sure to give it a vote / recommendation on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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