Of all the types of photography known, the portrait is possibly the one that touches us the most. Recreating the expression of a person through his gaze, the features of his face, the color of his complexion, his gesture, his bearing, his body expression and his environment is the closest thing to feeling so close to the person and his soul. I do not exaggerate when I say that, on occasion, the photographic portrait of a person can bring you much closer to staying for a beer. Maybe because in a photo time stands still, and suddenly you have several seconds, even minutes, to contemplate the portrait and explore it in all its details. For portrait lovers among the readers of this blog, today I bring a compilation of 25 articles that we have published here on the blog, dedicated entirely to the art of portraying people. If you like portrait photography, through these articles you will discover several aspects that come into play when capturing a beautiful photographic portrait. Oh, and don't miss Resource 26 at the end of the list. Enjoy

  1. 8 recommended lenses for portrait photography
  2. Learn to tell personal stories through portrait photography
  3. You will never want to photograph a “color portrait” again after seeing this
  4. 26 easy tips and tricks for professional portraits
  5. A trick to revolutionize your portraits
  6. 11 tips and tricks for stunning portraits
  7. The complete guide to illuminate your portraits
  8. Tips and tricks to photograph “stolen” portraits
  9. 10 tips to get great selfies
  10. Tips for taking amazing portraits with water
  11. Master the photography of night portraits with these simple tricks
  12. How to photograph the first months of your baby's life [based on my own experience]
  13. Easy trick, awesome portrait
  14. 13 simple tips for photographing your baby [with impressive results]
  15. How to seduce someone with their own portrait
  16. Where to get models for portrait photography [4 easy methods]
  17. Step by step: high key and low key photography
  18. 12 tips for pregnancy photography
  19. Tips for couples photography
  20. What do you need for a good portrait photograph?
  21. 16 ways to give prominence to your subjects
  22. 11 tips for taking group photography
  23. Body language in portrait photography
  24. How to get a spectacular picture of grandparents
  25. 15 very frequent mistakes in portrait photography (do you identify with any?)  And resource number 26 ...
  26. Book Blog editorial team of the Photographer "Mastering Portrait Photography"  (more than 100 pages of content downloadable digital version unpublished) .
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