This Friday starts the summer. Oh, the summer, that season so yearned for by many, the one that generates anxiety for the wait in the previous months and nostalgia when it touches the end. Summer, childhood, love, the town or excursions to the beach … Who does not have among his memories most special moments of summer? And we cannot deny that the images help to endure the memories and relive those wonderful moments. That is why, so that this year you capture all the special moments, I bring you 19 summer photos (counting the one on the cover ) to inspire you, to fill you with ideas and creativity and good vibes.

What are you in winter? Well, it is no excuse, take note of this article to open it in a few months and get warming up with this other winter article.

And now, we go with those summer photos that will awaken you a tremendous desire to go for your camera.


While it is true that photographs taken with drones are no longer new, they are still surprising. It is like that, they wake up something in the viewer, they are able to get it out of their lethargy and their daily image pack. Like this, which is also very refreshing. To photograph with a drone, don’t stop reading this first.


Any time is good to make a portrait, but it is true that in summer people feel more favored. Either for the rest, the tan, the joy of seeing friends, the most colorful clothes, more hours of light, the pleasant temperature or even for the inspiring backgrounds. Reasons enough for you to find more models willing to pose for you.


Inevitable to resonate the song in my head when writing this. The jump is not exclusive of the summer but it is very consistent, because it is dynamic, fresh, fun … like the summer season. The beach is an excellent place to practice and immortalize it, don’t you think?


Look that they are photogenic, cheerful and summery. Find a field of sunflowers and have fun with your camera. Normal and original portraits, backlight, macro, landscape, long exposure, nocturnal… what you want most can be done in a field of sunflowers. Do not you feel terrible desire? Because I’m already thinking where I can find one.


And who says sunflower fields also says wheat or lavender. Lavender is also a flower that explodes in summer and its fields are wonderful for photo shoots of all kinds, you can use them in the background for your portraits or to recreate with the macro, for leaving a couple of ideas, but there are many more options!


Along with spring, it is the season of color. Take the opportunity to compose based on color, either with combinations of analogs or through the contrast of complementary colors as in this image. If you do not know very well what are the analog or complementary colors, this tool will come to you from cinema.


The bikes are for summer, right? They are very photogenic. And very recognizable in a silhouette. Open your eyes wide and when you see an attempt to capture it, either to tell what is happening, capture a silhouette or even a sweep. You have a lot of possibilities. This example is very suggestive, so what?


Or what is the same splash. The beach, the pool, the terrace on the porch or the hose in the garden, everything goes as long as there are splashes that you can capture with a fast shutter speed. Light you have, water too, I hope you have no more excuses


And since we talk about water, how about some underwater photos? You can do them with water cameras, with housings or with a little inventiveness . In this article you will find a lot of tips to photograph underwater and in this other what you need to immerse yourself in underwater photography.


A scene can be very unoriginal and be more visible than comics, especially in a summer photo. Now, how about changing the perspective and shooting from a less usual angle? The result can be spectacular!


On many occasions we run away from hard light, but as we always say in the blog, there is no good or bad light, but adequate for every occasion. The hard light of midday in summer is ideal for highlighting colors, such as turquoise waters. Don’t even think about saving the camera!


Not only people live from water . If you like to play with the movement, you have the option of capturing splashes or freezing other elements such as beach sand to get images like this.


Very typical not to miss a sunset in summer. It is like that. They are so magical, so romantic, so photogenic, and if we talk about sharing them on the beach or in the mountains with the gang then the auction. What if you take the opportunity to play to photograph your silhouettes? A very original group photo and through which the years will not pass


And speaking of friends … The photo of the gang, like that of the family, have 15, 40, or whatever, I think it should not be missing. You can turn to the previous idea or look for other more original ideas. If you have long summer evenings, you already have entertainment


And we return to the sunsets (or sunrises, for those who are more early risers). Well, not only give us silhouettes. The backlight of sunset or sunrise can offer you endless possibilities. And they will all seduce you.


Water is a source of inspiration. Taking photos like the following at another station can result in torture for the model or model. If you like to make creative and artistic portraits in which water is another element, you can not take advantage of the summer weather.


Some are more photogenic than others, but something can be taken from all of them, changing the angle, with blurring or immersing yourself, you have the possibility of achieving great and refreshing images.


And finally, one last photo to convey the message I want. Have fun. Whatever you do, be it to enjoy, on either side of the camera. Summer is for fun. Take the game seriously . And get wet.

If these photos seem inspiring, don’t keep them for yourself, share them on your favorite social network and refresh your contacts’ day. They will be grateful to you. And I also.

Happy summer. Happy photography

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