5 Shortcuts In Adobe Photoshop Which Come Handy

It often happens that we spend an entire day in editing pictures by PHOTOSHOP but end up with abysmal pictures. It is therefore very necessary that you know these hacks and shortcuts related to Adobe PHOTOSHOP that can enable you to edit your pictures in the best way possible. Knowing these techniques can enable you to create marvelous pictures that will act as visual treats. To use any tool efficiently, one must be well versed with certain knacks that can help to enhance the quality of the work. In the case of photographs, Adobe PHOTOSHOP acts like an excellent tool. However just like other tools a photographer must know how to use it in a way that can help him to elevate his work. These shortcuts not only help you in creating good quality photographs but also enables you to save a lot of time. Some of these shortcuts are listed below:

Getting Set up:

The shortcuts for setting up changing the size of the background, zooming into the project are very handy.  A nice setup is required for bringing forth good quality pictures that will enable you to perform your tasks as a photographer in a better way. Here are some of the most useful shortcuts: (1)Control+Alt+i (Command+Option+i) This shortcut enables you to change the image size. It is one of the widely used shortcuts and will enable you to change the size of the image in the most efficient way possible. At times it is required to change the size of the image to provide a better picture. Therefore using this shortcut will ease the process. (2)Control+Alt+c (Command+Option+c): It helps you to change the size of the canvas. You can use it to change the size of the canvas whenever required. It is very advantageous to know certain shortcuts of any tool to use it appropriately. (3)Control+’(Command+’): It helps you to either show or conceal the grid automatically. At times you require to either show or conceal the grid for certain editing processes. This shortcut allows you to perform your task efficiently. You should use these shortcuts to use Adobe PHOTOSHOP efficiently so that your editing can be done in a short period. editing with mobile

Choosing the right tools:

These shortcuts will allow you to use different tools of the Adobe PHOTOSHOP efficiently. Each of the tools like Lasso, Brush, Spot healing brush has a shortcut. The shortcuts are as follows: V: It is a pointer or a free tool. W: It is a shortcut for a magic wand. M: It is a selection tool. The shortcuts that can be used apart from those mentioned above are I for Lasso, i for eyedropper, c for the crop, e for eraser, you for rectangle, b for brush and other shortcuts like that. These shortcuts allow you to perform all the tasks related to editing without wasting an ample amount of time. Like adobe other software also have umpteen shortcuts to use. All the photo editing software come with shortcuts so that their usage is simplified and is not complicated. Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics developed by Adobe company. It has multiple features and is considered to be one of the best photograph editing software.  This software allows you to transform your photographs in the way you want.

Reasons for using shortcuts instead of a mouse

Efficiency: Using shortcuts instead of the mouse provides better efficiency. It also surgeons your productivity and allows you to do more Photoshop a small period. The lesser the time consumed, the more is the time invested in improving efficiency. This allows you to do your tasks efficiently. Reduces health issues: Excessive usage of the mouse is related to RSI which stands for repetitive syndrome injury. It is a type of disease that is caught easily due to the repetitive usage of the mouse. You also can reduce fatigue in your fingers and wrist with the use of shortcuts. Therefore it is advisable to use shortcut keys instead of a mouse. Precision: When you have a job that requires a lot of precision it is advisable to use shortcuts instead of the mouse as it allows you to do your job more efficiently. Apart from the above benefits alternative usage of keyboard and mouse allows you to do a multitude of tasks with ease. Therefore it is very important to know how to use shortcuts.

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