The Canon 1100D is no longer found, but its wonderful older sister, the Canon EOS 200D , compact, folding screen, 24MP Want to know more? Check it out here .

It is no secret how "crazy lost" I am for Nikon cameras, however the Canon brand deserves all the respect. It is a large firm that has produced great jewels in terms of SLR cameras, and especially that has managed to bring very high performance (such as the famous Full Frame sensors) to the amateur user of relatively tight budget. My admiration for this brand has led me to test and recommend several of its models of digital SLR cameras. Among its range for amateur users there is a camera that I have recommended to many blog readers and from which I have not received more than positive opinions: The Canon EOS 1100D (also known as Canon Rebel T3 ).


The Canon 1100D is a great camera with a lot of limitations, of course (because every camera has them). If we leave it to the ideal user profile for her, the 1100D becomes an almost perfect machine that covers everything the user expects from her. If you are looking to buy a digital SLR camera it is important that you value, first, if you are the "ideal" type of user for this camera. From my point of view the 1100D is the ideal camera for :
  • People with a very small budget.
  • People who are going to touch a reflex camera for the first time.
  • People who do not plan to move into the professional field (or at least not in the short term).


As always, if you are interested in knowing in detail all the features of this camera you can find them on any page or blog. Here what I am going to explain to you are the points from my point of view that make it a little gem:   Price: There are compact cameras and bridge that cost more than 500 euros and I am not exaggerating. Here we are talking about a right-made SLR Camera whose price is below 400 euros. The biggest complaint I receive from those who want to take the step towards the SLR world for the first time is the prohibitive price of SLR cameras, which is always true. Well, almost always, seeing the exception of the Canon 1100D Megapixels: It has the correct amount of megapixels that the average amateur user needs: 12MP. In general, cameras are sold to us twice as many faces, offering us many more megapixels in return, something that won't really help us at all. It is as if we spend a fortune on a car that runs at 900KM / h when deep down we will not drive more than 120KM / h. The same happens with megapixels. 12MP is perfect. (More on the great deceptions of the camera manufacturers in this article ). Focus Motor: In order for a focus camera to "automatically" need a focus motor. If the camera does not have it, the lens will have to have it. If neither the camera nor the lens had it, we could not focus automatically, only manually. The Canon 1100D does not have its own focus motor but it is compatible with the autofocus mode thanks to the fact that most Canon lenses have it built-in (EF). This is a great advantage that the competition, Nikon, lacks in many of its amateur models. Many of Nikon's lenses do not have a built-in focus engine. Small Size: If you have never worked with a digital SLR you will have the (false) feeling that the larger a camera is, the better and more professional it will be. Nothing is further from reality. Believe me, those of us who have a bulky camera get fed up with how big it is, it costs to carry it on, it costs to save it, etc. The Canon 1100D has a perfect size that makes it go unnoticed and perfect for storing in any bag. Battery life: It has a clearly longer battery life than SLR cameras of the same division. The Canon 1100D can withstand about 800 shots on average when others like the Nikon D3200 (a magnificent camera that I am in love with) barely reach 540 shots. Having a lot of battery life allows us to undertake long photo sessions without having to worry about carrying an extra battery or carrying the charger on us. In addition, the 1100D is equipped with all the current features that any amateur SLR camera has today: LiveView, High Definition Video, etc.


Never buy a camera without first looking at some examples of photos taken with it. Here is a sample: The very affordable price to be a reflex camera of a great brand and with very useful features for the amateur photographer. Its price has been falling and right now I think it is on Amazon for less than 400 Euros.
  • Buy the Canon 1100D at Amazon
In short, a SLR camera to keep in mind if you are starting to give your first steps in this fascinating world of SLR photography. And you know what they say: good, if cheap twice good!  

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