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Evolution of Photography

evolution of photography

Photography was not born like how it is known today; it has evolved from something very small to something very big. If you can capture amazing urban photography, then the reason is mainly the evolution of photography and its components. The start of the first invention in photography is mainly to do with the discovery of two important principles, the observation that some substances can change themselves when they are exposed to light and the image projection by camera obscura.

Initial StageĀ  Of Photography

initial stage of photography

The first proper image was obtained by Nicephore Niepce. His first camera was a very crude one that took days to produce results which again were very crude. After this, his assistant, a man named Louis Daguerre developed something that we now call the daguerreotype process; these were the very first pictures that were announced publicly and were viable commercial photography.

This daguerreotype needed only a few minutes, as opposed to the days of the previous process of camera exposure and was able to produce some of the clearest and detailed photos of the time. The details of this invention were first released as a sort of a gift to the entire world in the year of 1839. Which is still regarded as the year that photography prints were born.

Generation Of Photography

generation of photography

The daguerreotype was essentially a metal-based process and had its limitations concerning the clarity and the number of details that it could capture. This process had some good competition from a process that was invented by the William Henry Fox Talbot. This process that was invented was a paper-based process. This new process was able to reduce the exposure time of the camera from minutes to more seconds. Undoubtedly something that has benefited the word, especially when it comes to fashion photography.

The new generation of photographic media was more convenient for the user and the developer alike. They were cheaper and also took way less time to get photo prints in hand. These new methods also included what we called the roll films that were typically used by amateur photographers to get some good shots. There were no photography schools at the time, so most people had to wing it. Till this point in time, the photographs that were captured were all still the old black and white type of photos. It was after this that the shift to colored photographs came about.

Entering Into Digital Photography Camera

entering in photography

It was in the 1900s that the actual art of photography was spread around. Some famous photographers like Alfred Stieglitz brought about the revolution that was the art of photography. These people considered photography as an actual art that should be on par with any other forms of art like painting and so on. There were no photography blogs in the time of Alfred Stieglitz, and most of his ideas and ideals had to be communicated by printed magazines and newsletters. It was at this time that people around the world started realizing the importance of photography.

Many of the early entrepreneurs of the photography business started around this time. This was mostly when everything in the world started becoming digital. In a sense even photography benefitted by it, there was no need to use rolls of films and have them developed. Now, all you had to do was to print them directly from a computer.

Life Made Easier By Digital Photography

digtal photography

It was then the age of the digital photography camera that brought out the true power of photography. The power of being able to convey a better story that even words could not convey. This was apparent in cases like photojournalism during wars and riots. These photographs became an important part of journalism around this time and journalists all over the world started understanding the need to learn how to capture the perfect shots. A few years after this, that is where we are currently now; we have the latest gadgets in photography.

If you compare the photos that we take today using professional cameras with the ones that the first camera took you can see how much the photography industry has grown, it has grown from grainy pictures to extremely sharp ones that can spot details from miles away. The printing of these photos has also come a long way since then so I can carry these photographs around. Now, most of us use our phone cameras which are way smaller than the first ones that were invented.

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