Five Wedding Photography Tips That Will Make You A Pro

Five Wedding Photography Tips That Will Make You A Pro

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in wedding photography, you’ve come to the right place. Wedding photography is a lucrative industry with the average US photographer making nearly $2,800 per an eight-hour shoot. This career will allow you to make money from your love for taking pictures and give you the satisfaction of helping capture someone’s happiest moments. Because taking wedding photos is so rewarding, there is a lot of competition. If you’ve got your camera ready but don’t know how to make yourself stand out, this article will provide you with the knowledge you need to become one of the best in the business. From lighting to price packaging to albums, this article has all you need. Without further ado – here are five tips that all the best wedding photographers follow:

Put a Price on It

Wedding photography packages have different costs. According to some sources, in the US, wedding photographers charge anywhere between $2,500 - $10,000 based on their experience. Before you start hunting for clients, make sure you check out the prices of the photographers near you. You should then design packages that are competitive based on your skills and level of experience. Wedding photography prices depend upon a lot of factors. Don't sell yourself short, but don't be overconfident in the beginning either. Slowly build up your portfolio by offering good prices and one day you will be making the money you always dream of.

Plan Ahead

Before Wedding

Make sure you meet up with the bride and groom before their big day and have a long chat. Make them feel comfortable and learn what they are expecting. If they have some best locations or background for a photoshoot in mind, note them down. Then visit those locations beforehand to see what equipment you need. For example, wedding photos shot inside a mosque or temple or church may need special lighting. You may also need permission to be allowed to use your flash and lighting. For shoots that take place outdoors, you may need to plan your camera angles and well as note if you need any additional equipment.

Light it Up!

Photography lighting is an art, and you're an artist. If you’re shooting the happy couple and their families inside your studio, make sure you have a window facing the Sun. Photography lighting includes natural light. The use of sunlight, in this case, is great because the light is soft and directional. If you’re shooting outside, make sure to position the couple between the Sun and the camera for a soft glowing tint around your subjects. This is very important because if they face the camera – the light will make them squint and your photos will be ruined. If you shoot from the side – that is, perpendicular to the sunlight – there will be a lot of shadows. When you’re at the reception or inside a house of worship, make sure to not use flash unless necessary. It can be distracting and spoil the joy of the couple to make their intimate moments with their families be interrupted with lights.

Wedding rings

Be professional.

Remember that this your client’s big day. It is important to get the perfect shot but also important to show them respect. Don’t crowd them on stage when their relatives are trying to reach them and turn the sound off your flash. It’s the little things that matter so take plenty of good photographs of the invitations, the decoration, the rings, the venue, etc. The couple will want to remember these, and wedding photography is more than just pictures of people.

Has an album planned?

wedding Album

These days, a wedding album can be of many types, and a good wedding photographer cost package always includes the latest trends and offers clients a lot of options. The best wedding photographers go above and beyond for their clients. There’s the classic album which is matted and bound like a book and comes in a variety of materials. Then there are more options: fabric album, coffee-table book, etc. Make sure you do your research and know how you will arrange your photographs in each option. Wedding photography prices include a $1000 - $3000 fee for a photo album. Many amateur wedding photographers don’t know how to start on their journey. There are of course many ways to begin your career to take it to new heights. If you keep these five tips in mind, you should have no problem embarking on a well-paid and fulfilling job taking wedding photos.

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