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Photography- A Great Art to Learn

art of photography

Photography is not just a skill but, an art to capture a moment at the right time. It may sound a bit tough, but all it requires is a comprehensive understanding of using your camera to produce those lovely moments out which are being clicked. It takes something beyond just having a photography camera to be a good photographer.

Photography is not associated with just clicking photos; it is something through which memories are kept alive. Not just natural photography but other categories involving fashion photography, jewelry photography, event photography, aerial photography, commercial photography and many more have become an integral part of our lives.

How to get started?

First of all, realizing your interest in any photography field is important. Then comes purchasing a good camera to be able to make good shots. This involves quite deep research whether on the net or discussing it with any professional photographer. Investing in a good quality camera is important. A DSLR camera is one such great choice. There are other brands out there, so be smart enough to select your tool.

Preference is given to stores over online purchasing as you can ensure proper check and demonstration there.

Learn photography gradually


To be a master at this wonderful skill, one must be patient enough. Photography is something that comes with continuous learning and experience. To have a great hand at this, you can join photography courses that are being offered by professionals during vacations or can go with the idea of going to photography schools. These are ways through which you can learn basic things and develop your skills further.

Learn to play with lenses

play with lenses

A good quality lens is what gives the soul to your camera. A poor lens, on the other hand, invites a bad photography skill. To stand apart from other photographers, you need to know well about which lens to use when focusing on a distant object or which one to use to have a closer dimension. It’s all in the lens that makes your photographs look real, which is, of course, something you want! Lenses as mentioned come in different variety like wide angle, zoom, standard prime, etc. So, pick up the right lens for your camera and create your art.

Lights, camera, angle!

Light camera angle

Having learned about how to start, one should not forget about these three aspects of photography which are indeed relevant for you as a photographer. Having the right knowledge of adjusting your camera at a correct angle and of photography lighting is a “to keep in mind” thing always. Providing light externally really adds depth to your point of the subject and also highlight its specific dimensions that can bring a drastic effect to your photos.

Talking about the mode to set your camera into, automatic mode is preferable for the beginner’s photographer. To deal with manual mode given, you should firstly be thorough with all the basic terminologies associated with your camera. For this, you need to be well versed with the manual provided along with, or you can even visit the photography sites for better information.

Angle, of course, plays a major role in photography. The same object, when shot with different angles, produces different visual effects and so is the case with lights. You can learn these but gradually with time. These things once grasped properly can just make miracles.

The practice is what needed the most!


Photography is indeed a wonderful career choice. But for this, you only need one thing – a practice which is the most important thing to become efficient in any field of art. How to get clicks of moving objects, or stationary objects is something one can get an idea of, slowly with practice.  

Learn to work with good editing software

photo editing software

Now editing is something which makes your photograph slightly better compared to what it was, previously. Brightness, clarity, texture, color are points that need your special attention for a final touch. Examples of such good editing software are Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop wherein you can find a decent variety of visual effects to bring to your picture and make it more captivating at just one sight.

Try to be selective

be selective

Not necessary but you should try and be selective to pick up a specific category to work on. This not only makes your skills more directional but also provide a channelized meaning to your photography. You can go with wedding photography, aerial photography or any of your wishes. Mastering any type will add professionalism to your skills which you can then use to provide photography services to others as well.

Photography indeed is easy to deal with, once you are aware of different aspects. These were some associated functions which when learned properly make you different from others. So, what to wait for? If photography is your dream, do chase it and make it true.

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