What is a Digital Camera with a Projector?

While traveling in public transport one comes across a plethora of typical co-passengers. There are the sleepy ones, the loud ones, the chatterboxes, the observers, the headphone-junkies or the I-play-my-music-out-and-loud kind. The last ones are particularly interesting people. They seem to have a misplaced sense of personal space and other space.

They make everyone listen to their music, which is completely uncalled for, and end up getting on their nerves. Now imagine this scenario one step ahead; what would it be like to have people projecting their pictures, videos, movies, etc. In public places and making everyone an audience of their picnic?

What will this phenomenon be called-“walking-talking photo studio” or “on-the-go photography services“? Thanks to technological breakthrough and brilliance, we already have a name for it- Digital camera with a projector! Surprise, surprise (or not?)!

Built-in Projector

As the name suggests, a digital camera with a built-in projector lets one project pictures, videos, etc. On a plane surface in live-time without the hassle of strong projector bodies, tangling wires or an electrical connection. It could be said; it doubles the joy of clicking pictures- one can not only capture experiences but also revisit them in the very moment. By giving the camera the virtue of two interfaces- digital and virtual- it enhances the very act of clicking pictures.

Light camera angle

Likewise, various kinds of photography services could cull out such benefits as time-cost saving, effort saving, and customer satisfaction. By showing clients what their picture looks like on the screen immediately after clicking it. In specific photography services like wedding photography, fashion photography, jewelry photography, maternity photography, etc. client satisfaction is of paramount importance. The facility of an in-built projector in a digital camera would make the process more engaging and transparent photographer-client dynamic.

Projector Screens

In domains where photos are to be displayed on big screens, a projector device becomes an indispensable commodity. Rounds and rounds of deliberations, editing, and brain-storming, go into making a picture a success. As photo fanatics would tell you, not every picture that looks good on the camera/phone screen would appear so, necessarily, on the big screen. In scenarios which involve image magnification under the public eye, the stakes are high, and nothing can be compromised with. Today photography stands for perfection- and it cannot be lesser than that, if not more so.

Private gatherings, house parties or even close-party events make use of projected pictures as a testament of love, bonding, and closeness. Most of the times, a separate projector device is not a commonly found household gadget. It doesn’t come in handy, it is not of daily use, and one wants to save oneself from extra hassles anyway.


Hence people end up renting out projectors from the market. A digital camera with an in-built projector is a viable solution to the physical and application-based limitations of a projector device. It would enhance the experience of clicking pictures by giving one the option to share it with family and friends in live-time, hence doubling the joy of shared moments and memories.

In 2009 Nikon became a new photographic company by launching digital cameras with projectors on a commercial scale. The water-shed gadget was a Coolpix S1200pj, which hit enough headlines to create a buzz in the backdrop of the photography world but received mixed reactions on photography websites, blogs, amongst consumers, etc. While many lauded the “idea” of a handy projector, not many were convinced of its usability and practicality.

Professional Photographer

A professional photographer couldn’t care less for a built-in projector when he primarily digs-in for innovations in the vital elements of a camera- megapixel quality, lens quality, storage, etc. On the other hand for people who enjoy the experience of clicking pictures and sharing those memories with their friends, family, and dear ones. This device offers an economical, portable and hassle-free alternative to buying a whole new device for doing the same.

Hence, for some it is no new money made; while for some, it is money saved. And then there are those who merely rejoice in the glory of ever-improving technological advancement.

Current trends suggest no new addition in this line. Since the older ones have failed to carve a niche for themselves in the market or hearts of consumers. It will not be wrong to say that although they might not be necessary for digital cameras, built-in projectors are what technological innovations are made of!

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