Everything You Need to Know About Diaphragm Opening How to Use ISO Correctly in Your Photographs? The “Steps” in Photography: Explained in Detail All Secrets About White Balance photography photographer taking photos of light And to practice all this anytime, anywhere: 10 Photographic Simulators (To Practice Without Moving Your Chair) Once you manage the light control we recommend a good management of the measurement and exposure: Detailed Guide: How to Correct Measurement and Exposure in Your Photographs Examples of Light Measurement Modes in Photography How to Read the Histogram of Your Photographs (To Take Even Better Photographs) AND THE COMPOSITION After light, composition is the most important aspect of a photograph. You can't leave the way the elements are arranged in the frame to chance. The success of your photo will depend on it and it is a resource that will work with any camera, even your mobile: 20 Articles That Will Help You Understand and Master the Art of Photographic Composition ABOUT THE APPROACH You can now go into focus and depth of field: What You Need to Know to Master Depth of Field Detailed Guide: How to Set the Focus of Your Photo Camera According to the Photo You Want to Take (With Inspirational Examples) 11 Worst Photographic Focus Mistakes [And How To Avoid Them] GOALS, CATCH UP Now that you control the light and the depth of field, you begin to question the subject of objectives, what if the focal length, what if what lenses are better, what if all those initials that appear on them, etc. mean. Here are the answers: Everything You Need to Know About the Focal Length of Your Goal How to Capture Splendid Compositions Thanks to the Focal Length of your Target SLR Lenses ... What Do So Many Numbers Mean? Lens Abbreviations for Most Popular SLR Cameras The King of Objectives: 50mm f / 1.4 You will take your best photos with one of these objectives reflections of buildings in the lens PRACTICE MAKES A MASTER What about a few exercises to practice? 10 Photographic Exercises You Should Practice Right Now 10 Different Photographs You Can Practice Right Now 15 Photographic Exercises You Can Do Without Leaving Home (You Will Want To Do All Of Them) EDITING, THE LAST STEP IN A PHOTOGRAPH At this level that controls the basic settings and parameters, which you have already practiced, it can be a good time to talk about editing : All About the RAW Format: Advantages and Disadvantages Photo Processing and Editing Photoshop or Lightroom? 10 Alternatives to Photoshop: Editing Photos Can Be Easy and Free The 5 Best Programs to Organize Your Photos Detailed Guide: How to Calibrate Your Monitor For Photography What is and what is the Color Space for? THE PROBLEMS COME Problems? Frustrations? Surely they have appeared, Keep Calm !! The 3 Photographic Problems That Have Caused Me Most Frustration Frustrations of an Amateur Photographer portrait of a screaming woman ACCESSORIES TO ADD SPARKLE TO YOUR EQUIPMENT You are entering the subject and you realize that there is a whole world to discover, that with this accessory you would better store your cards, or that a wrist strap would be more comfortable, etc. Each one needs one or the other things or wanting to give some photographic whim that for that is their favorite hobby. To do this, take a look at these articles: The Best Photographic Accessories For less than 40 Euros [My Favorite, Number 14] 8 Accessories (For Less Than 100 Euros) To Take Advantage Of Your SLR Camera EQUIPMENT CARE After this fairly comprehensive review, I couldn't forget our essentials on equipment maintenance and care: How to Protect Your Photographic Equipment in Adverse Conditions The Complete Guide: Cleaning Tips For SLR Cameras Goal Cleaning: The Basics You Need to Know a lego doll cleaning a target BEYOND TECHNIQUE In addition to the technique, you must also take into account other aspects, those that depend on you, not your camera, and your photographic culture: The 11 Qualities You Need To Be A Photographer The Best Photography Books (At Least You Must Have One) INSPIRATION Finally, or almost, there was no lack of inspiration. Aside from a few graced with an innate gift, the rest draw inspiration from teachers and other great professionals. 100 Photographers Who Can Inspire Your Next Great Photography And in case anyone believed that this was a man's world, here is the proof that this statement is very far from reality. 100 Photographers You Will Like To Know (And Which Will End Up Inspiring You) MY FAVOURITES Before finishing, I would like to say goodbye with two of my favorite articles, one that I am very fond of because I overturned all those tips that I would have liked someone to give me in their day, when I decided to dive into this wonderful ocean but so deep that Sometimes it makes you dizzy. And the other, what I have learned by fire little by little. What I would have liked to know before I started photography 99 + 1 Photography Lessons I've Learned Over the Years So far our essentials. If you are a faithful follower of the blog and you have a must among our articles, I invite you to share it in comments. Surely you give ideas to other readers. Thank you! Happy day. Happy photography!

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