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Life of a Wildlife Photographer

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People often drool over the beautiful wildlife photographs they see over the Internet, in photography exhibitions and calendar covers. The beautiful mountains, the fierce yet cute beers, majestic lions, vast grasslands and soothing rivers seem like a whole other world of beauty and adventure. Wildlife photographs are often looked with admiration, and the people who clicked the photographs are considered lucky to be having such a profession. Wildlife photography is considered a dream job by nature-lovers. It is often looked down as an easy profession. But the real story is a lot different. Wildlife photography is much deeper than what people perceive it to be.

Overlooked struggles in wildlife photography

The struggles of wildlife photographers are often neglected by everyone. It is not their fault. These struggles can be known only by someone who has experienced this profession personally.

  • The expensive photography gears

Wildlife photography demands special cameras and lenses to capture high definition and still images of moving objects. The camera and equipment are very expensive and unaffordable for a person with an average economic background. A person will need a lot of investment to produce competent images that can compete with other wildlife photographers working religiously on their passions.


  • Being in the right place

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As a wildlife photographer, you need some luck for being in the right place at the right time to capture those bizarre or rare moments of animals and birds. This requires knowing the topographical map of the area you are in, understanding animal behaviors and a bit of luck.

  • The physical challenges

Depending on luck is not a reliable choice. Therefore, wildlife photographers often stay in one pose with their cameras without any movements. They adapt to their surroundings and try to camouflage among the animals. It often becomes a physically excruciating job with lots of body aches from staying in weird positions for a long time. All this hard work goes to one masterpiece.

  • The risk to their lives

Wildlife photographers do not zoom in on animals from a far distance. That will create very plain and lifeless photos. Photographers try to get as close as they can to these wild animals. No matter how gentle they are, there is always a risk that the beer or lion attacks them. There are risks of injuries from falling during tough trekking. Wildlife photographers are constantly exposed to such raw risks every day of their job.

  • Low revenues

Only the top of the class wildlife photographers can make it rich in this field. Other wildlife photographers often do this as a part-time job. The money they receive is like a part-time job, but they often have to put in a lot of time into this job. This is one of the biggest challenges in the life of wildlife photographers. And this is also the reason people look down upon this profession. Therefore, many people hesitate to take up wildlife photography as a full-time job.  They only do it as a passion.

The motivation in the life of a wildlife photographer

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Photography is satisfying work. Looking at the masterpiece you clicked, editing it to be more desirable and thinking up ideas for the next perfect image are all very addictive processes. This is the reason photography is emerging as a passion for many youths globally. The same is the case for wildlife photography. Wildlife photographers push through the daily struggles for several satisfying reasons.

  • Experiencing nature closely

Wildlife photographers experience nature from the closest. Along with photography, they get to travel to many exotic lands and witness different natural terrains. They observe the daily lives of animals, understand them and even make friends with wild animals sometimes. All these experiences are a great reward for wildlife photographers.

  • Proving the skills

Wildlife photography is among the toughest photography streams. Proving the abilities in this field gives wildlife photographers the bragging rights for all photography fields. They often showcase their works in an art gallery, which provides great motivation for continuing with the passion with energy. Validation from others gives them content and satisfaction.

  • Sense of accomplishment

Wildlife photographers take pride in their work. They have this constant happiness inside knowing that they are doing something different from others. While others are sitting in front of their laptops working for their bosses, wildlife photographers are their bosses and get to follow their passion. This pride is one of the biggest motivators in their lives.

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